Saint Croix Falls Activities

Blu Skye Acres in Saint Croix Falls, WI is conveniently located near the Twin Cities, and just on the outside of the river town of Saint Croix Falls. The farm is only a five minute drive away from the quiet town of Taylor’s Falls, which offers amenities including shopping, restaurants, and emergency services. Our area is known for its downhill skiing, canoeing, hiking, wine trails, historic lodges, and more. Should you find any reason to leave the farm, you’ll discover more than enough around it to entertain people of all ages!

Ice Age Trail
Dancing Dragonfly Winery
Interstate Park
Taylor’s Falls Scenic Boat Tours
Upper Saint Croix Wine Trail
Wild Mountain
Erics Canoe Rental
Wild Mountain Winery
Chateau Saint Croix
Majestic Spa
Polk County Tourism